A Cross Cultural Work.

Now that Africa is “in our blood”, we have plans to return to Cape Town with an additional two weeks of work in Johannesburg.  In Cape Town, we will teaching a teacher’s course to the budding teachers in Cape Town.  By teaching this course, we will be able to leave a lasting impact on South Africa having left the tools for a brighter and more creative Cape Town.  In Johannesburg, we will be partnering with an orphanage to teach performing art classes and providing eye care and glasses for the children.  This wonderful work can’t happen unless we pull together as a community and contribute to this project. 

Ways to directly impact the lives of the children of South Africa:

Donating airline miles and/or airline tickets. 

The biggest obstacle for this project is the price of plane tickets to South Africa.  An “affordable” plane ticket is approximately $1500 to Cape Town.  Know a VIP at an airline?  Perhaps you can introduce the project to your contact. Have an overabundance of airline miles?  Some airlines allow for you to donate airline miles to projects like ours.

Buy copies of Dancing with Kate.

The profits from Dancing with Kate go directly to Advocate Arts and can help pay for food, housing and lesson materials. 

New and like new glasses.       

We already have over 200 frames already donated to the project but could use more children’s glasses. 

Amazon gift cards.

Several of the teaching materials on our syllabus are available on Amazon.  Gift cards would allow us to by the books and teaching materials for the teachers training course.

New and like new dance clothes.

Dance clothes in South Africa are extremely expensive and are considered a luxury.  On our last trip, we were able to provide a HUGE suitcase full of leotards, tights and shoes for the little dancers.  We would love to continue this tradition. 

School supplies.

We need copy paper, copies, pens, pencils, notebooks, labels, name tags and just about anything else you can think of in order to complete our courses.  We will gladly accepted gift cards as well!

And, of course, monetary contributions.

Using Paypal or gift cards, we could purchase accommodations, food, transportation and other necessities while traveling. 

Additional contributions can be mailed to: 2628 Shetland Ln, Duluth,GA. 30096.

Or for a pickup, please call us at 678.987.7100 or email us.  Thanks you for making this project happen!

YOU get benefits for your contributions as well! Check them out!